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November 2013


A winding road
A path to escape
A path to destroy
All lies
Flowing through the everywhere
Like a river flowing through the wood
Or like words from mind to pen
Reality flows
And never stops
Seeping through the cracks
Flooding you
With hopes and dreams
With wants and desire
And things you will never have
Unless you’re really lucky
Then your reality is a bore
But sometimes, just sometimes
Reality is kind
And gives you many things in life
And beauty quite divine
Reality is what we see
In every single day
But we all live in different worlds
You and they and me
We’re all so separate
And yet so close
Singing the sad song of life
Joining hand in hand
Coming as one
In all of reality
Screaming out
One song
One wish
One everything
Millions joined
In one version of reality
The most real of them all
With war and hate and crime
But with love and kindness and refuge
For this version of reality
That most of us share
Deal with it day by day
Joining hand in hand
Facing reality

© 2013 Emily J.
Shephard Hill Regional High School
Charlton MA
Grade 9

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