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November 2013

Recipe For a Little Sister

Take a broken toy,
Ruined after she tried to make it “better.”
Put it in a bowl, then add some salty tears.
Mix until you know you can forgive her,
Even if she’s embarrassed you
In front of all your friends.
Throw in a half cup of sugar.
Bake it all together at 1,000 degrees
Until you see her bright smile.
You can tell it’s done when you feel sorry
For all the mean things you’ve ever called her.
Let it cool until it turns her favorite color.
Sprinkle in some rolling eyes,
Followed by a series of warm hugs.
Cut it into small slices,
And serve it to her with a smile.
It tastes of friendship and love.

© 2013 Karolina B.
Field Elementary School
Niles IL
Grade 5

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