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October 2013

Bullies Are Cowards

I smiled and you frowned at me
I reached out my hand and you held yours back
I chose to make peace and befriend you
But you chose instead to attack
You laughed, you mocked and ridiculed me
My very presence you despised
Without reason or cause you stared at me
With so much hatred in your eyes
You made me feel like an outcast
In front of all of our classmates and peers
I felt so humiliated, so embarrassed, hurt and ashamed
It caused me to cry so many tears
You crushed my spirit and until my self esteem was so low
I begin to believe all of your lies
Every time that I looked in the mirror I hated myself
Until all I wanted to do was die

But then I heard the still small voice of God within
Say to me that I was fearfully and wonderfully made
And Because of His love that abides in me, My beauty glows brighter day by day and shall never fade
And though it might seem popular and powerful to some
To bully those who choose to turn the other cheek
The truth is, that victims are the true heroes
And that underneath the mask of bullies are cowards who are weak

© 2013 V. J. Jeffries
Danville VA

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