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October 2013

Can’t You See?

Can’t you see the flowers?
They’re bending out,
Reaching for our attention.

Can’t you see the clouds?
They’re putting on a show,
Aiming to make us smile and giggle like we’re young.

Can’t you see the trees?
They’re crying out,
Yearning for our love and compassion.

Can’t you see the birds?
They’re singing their song,
Letting all the emotions flood out like they can’t be stopped.

Can’t you see the sun?
He’s shining,
Desperate for our gratefulness.

Can’t you see the bees?
They’re working,
Franticly buzzing around as they gather the pollen for their sweet honey.

Can’t you see the world?
We’re all spinning,
Blinded by our greed and mischief.

Can’t you see it all?
The simplest things,
They’re all doing the simplest actions.

Can’t you see?
They’re all beseeching,
Hoping for the slightest sliver of recognition.

© 2013 Briana P.
Dunlap Valley Middle School
Dunlap IL
Grade 7

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