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July 2013

Why Can’t You Be Mine?

This dream I had kept me up all night.
It involved a love so blind, only seen without sight.
A heart so worn to be locked by pain,
uprooted by pleasure without blood in my veins.

No one to love me, no one in sight to be seen,
Without sight of color, no way to be mean.
If the sun would shine all day and all night,
Love would never scare me it would only have flight.

Too much hate, too much guilt, too many worries, all pain,
This goes back to no blood in my veins.
Anger, pleasure, happiness, pain,
The feeling of love without refrain.

My mouth cannot utter a word of false meaning;
I wake up to find I had only been dreaming.

Why can’t ours be yours?
Why can’t them be us?
Why can’t hers be his?
Why can’t you be mine?

© 2013 Cody J.
Minneapolis, MN

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