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June 2013

The all consuming fear
Creeping up from the darkest corners
Washing across every inch of your being
Pulsing through your veins
Punishing your heart
And why fear?
Because of the unknown?
Because of the past?
Or is it perhaps because we know not trust
Is it because we have been wounded?
Has our innocence been robbed of our person?
No it is all but life as the whole
Streaming down piercing our minds with terror
Infiltrating our souls with never ending scars
Fear, like pain numbs the soul
Blocks rationality and promotes panic
Feeding off the darkness we hold
Fear thrives in cold depths of hell
It’s strong arms hold you tight
Shaking you to your core
Breathing quickens and pulse races
Excitement building and head pounding
You wish to be free of the relentless force
It acts as an addiction
Pulling you in closer with every thrash of pain
How can one resist?
Resisting is as dangerous as a gunshot through the chest
As detrimental as a fatal accident
And yet it is a silent killer
Working from the inside and crawling its way out
We arrive at the same question
How does fear gain the strength?
How doe it overcome such confident forces?
Who is to blame?
Is it I who let the fear feed of my emotions?
You? Who triggered the curiosity?
Or is fear blameless?
And if blame could be placed,
Would any punishment suffice?
For nothing can simulate the cold depression of fear
Nothing exists that can prove to the bravest man it’s existence
The proof is stored in our minds
Surfaced by the strange trigger which instills the most unpleasant sensation
And yet it a way we are our fear
It could not thrive without a soul on which to attach
Fear would be just a myth
That would be devastating to us as humans
Our character is built of our fears
And if what we fear were to disappear
Tell me child, but who would we be

© 2013 Kim D.
Commack High School
Commack, NY
Grade 10

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