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May 2013

If I ruled the world

If I ruled the world
I’d cancel country music.
And hating words
And also
Girls who betray.

If I ruled the world
There would be no labeling others.
Or back-handed complements
Or judging
The way we are.

If I ruled the world
There wouldn’t be lonely
Only alone.
There wouldn’t be scales
Weight wouldn’t matter.
There would be no “disorganized”
Or “ugly”
Or “insignificant,”
We would all matter
If I ruled the world.

If I ruled the world
Poetry would be revered
Creativity would be “cool”
There would be no grades
And a person
Who was socially awkward
And had too many names
And misplaced papers
And made mistakes
And forgot
Would still be allowed
To rule the

© 2013 Paige D.
Burlington Day School
Elon, NC
Grade 7

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