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April 2013

State of Mind
By Kaylee M.

There’s this place I go in my head sometimes
When I try to focus and someone’s talking
I just lose myself in my own mind
And I disappear
I become nothing … I become nobody
I float around in the air
You can hear my voice echo in the wind
My laughter coming down with the rain
My tears accumulating in the snow
My anger setting in the summer sun
I become the world
I lose myself completely
And I never want to come back
In my trance
I’m always warm and never cold
I’m always happy and never sad
I’m always free and never caged
I can actually breathe there
In my state of mind
Lost in some enchanted place
Becoming everything around me
Becoming everyone around me
Getting trapped in their hearts
Getting lost in their minds
Never having to be alone

(c) 2013 Kaylee M.
DeLong Middle School
Eau Claire WI
Grade 7

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