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March 2013

A Withering Flower


What am I but a sorrowful grin
Living life at last
But what have I…
A fish monger, a bird, or even a flower

My Heart yearns to stop
As though my life is not cherished
I am the unseen, the forgotten, the dead
I am just a shadow in your eyes


All dressed and pressed to impress no other
With only a smile and a few odd flowers
Without the crowd gathering ‘round
My feet move forward, barely on the ground

With the sweet whisper in the air
Emotions of love, fear, and anxiety come clear
My body aches beneath you
Waiting for the one and only, that one’s kiss to clutch

My breath catches, my tears fall
Our shadows are one amongst them all
I used to fear what others would say
But no more, no more today

Now here I sit forty years later
The voice of others are all but a whisper
Through thick and thin we carried together
And even though my one is gone, we shall always love forever


What else is this love of mine
For I am sure it is true
Like a rolling hill or a winding river
What else is this love of mine, but for you

As pleasant as nature and dark as death
My love for you is a withering flower
Only a heart beat and the warmth of your body…
You offered me

What do I have to offer but my love
Alone and swollen is my heart as it aches
Your torture, your death
What else is this love of mine, but a withering flower

© 2013 Matt M.
Sequoyah High School
Madisonville, TN
Grade 12

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  • hey this is kylee i saw josh and vallery today its 4/16/13 so i wondered about the poetry of the month you hold you share your poetry with you and you might publish awnser as soon as you can

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