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February 2013


Although the bitter winter freezes cold
Those wondrous lux’ries of the springtime past
Close to our hearts, a warmth -lovely- we hold
With hope, the frost won’t too much longer last.

Years, it seems, have passed since the sun last rose
And ever since, we’ve become youth of frost
But, I suppose, that is how it all goes
Confused, lacking hope, and so tempest tossed.

Dreaming- which is all that we now can do
Of days in that star’s arms, warm and complete
When shivers, by warm hugs, are easily soothed
For the sun’s love, there’s no need to compete.

But of all these things, I simply want more
Warmth- because here it is not in our store.

© 2013 Junysia J.
South View High School
Hope Mills, NC
Grade 11

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