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Roll of thunder, hear my cry
Roll of thunder, hear my cry
as the fire burns by n by
Roll of thunder, hear my prayer
let it flow in the wind and end all despair
Roll of thunder, hear my voice
destroy sadness let us rejoice
Roll of thunder, heed my pain
please don’t let me go insane
Roll of thunder, take away the madness
please oh please end the sadness
Roll of thunder, take the life
take away evil’s life
Roll of thunder, hear my song
take my song of rejoice and bring it along
Roll of thunder, hear my plea
show true rejoice for all to see
Roll of thunder, hear my cry
as the dying flames go bye bye

©2010 Nicholas
St. Augustine School
Bridgeport, CT
Grade Level: 6th

Open the door and look outside
Wind blowing round and round
Storms brewing from east to west
Timeless thunder fills the air
Hotness covers oxygen has is begins
Lighting strikes three at a time
Lowly animals run for cover
Trees break and bend
Worried looks of people everywhere
No power, no coldness, no gentleness
Rain pours from the heavens
Finally the storm calms
Creatures reappear from the shadows
Tragic settings and destruction
One family opens the window
The mom looks at her children
One child says,
“Look at the beautiful mess we made”.

©2010 Maggie
Grade Level: 7th

a sense of searching and a feeling of wonder, could this be the chance we all long for, a feeling we all long to have, that day when everything feels like a mystery and we all have to solve it, the feeling that makes us all great

©2010 Jessica
Iroquois High School
East Aurora, NY
Grade Level: 9th

Family can be a really big pain,
Family can be really insane!
Family can be really mean,
Family loves each other :-)

Families always stick together,
Families always beat each other.
Families are never ever gone,
Until they’re dead :-(

I love seeing families laughing,
I love seeing families dancing.
I know it doesn’t really rhyme,
But families should stick together all the time.

This poem was about my own,
This poem says i love them all!:-)

©2010 Mariah
Wewahitchka, FL
Grade Level: 5th

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  • that was really sweet of you i think your family will love that poem you made i think you were right a family never is gone until part of the family dies i know its sad i am going to be sad when my mom and dad die but that just how life is.

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