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January 2013

Once Upon a Thyme

Once upon a thyme
there was a fine beet
happy to grow
as it was

But alas, the poor beet,
was only a beet, and so
not being able to get around,
did not hear of Mrs. Williams’s
or of the new swing put in the park,
(it doesn’t squeak-said the children-hooray!)
or of the birds’ new song of spring

And as I sit and daydream,
about that lonely little beet-
class, turn to page 56 please.
And how it cannot see summer meld into fall, golden and melodious-
Michelle, are you paying attention?
Well, I am, but it is very easy to wonder
if you took the time to notice the beet,
in the little things that make life in itself-
Now take out your checking pens and pass you paper to the left.
Oh, to think about a lonely beet

once upon a thyme

© 2013 Evita Q.
Sartartia Middle School
Sugar Land, TX
Grade 6

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