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January 2013

Ballad of Death

Silver flashes in the dark
Tears of the Moon
So serene, so pure, falling in an arc
Gently, I swoon

To me comfort you bring
A shield from the pain
Together we will sing
We will rid us of this bane

A poison lurking in my blood
I hope you do not worry
For soon the Gates will flood
This won’t be the end of my story

But for now, all hope is gone
I am a soul that is lost
My Angel, you watch me in the dawn
And I, I tiptoe through the frost

My wrists are slit
But it isn’t blood
What is it?
The streets begin to flood

My Angel, please do not cry
Do not think that I will die
For I will live on in your heart
And there I will stay forevermore

© 2013 Gabriel H.
Mayde Creek High School
Houston, TX
Grade 9

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