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November 2012


Is morphed within a nation divided
by admission and race. Poverty, wealth.
Willows will not wither farther than they
Who forgot within.

To lose consciousness
is the dreaded diction, obliterate.
Minute shards collect with each genuflect
to the old. East or west forgotten,
shamed by the extreme.

Somnolent people
drone throughout life. Absent to the revels
and gaiety of cultures that have spawned
these putrid universalists, and yet
so often do they

emerge within time
to praise and rejoice with a shared ideal.
Hallelujah my sister, hallelu!
Connotations reversed, oppositions
Not allowed to say.

can be found within a planet that re-
mains unexplored. Monotony maintains
illusions, elusive for barren eyes.
A humdrum life is

not a culture.

© 2012 Samuel Z.
Saint Johnsbury Academy
Saint Johnsbury, VT
Grade 12

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