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April 2010


The Dawn,
Here with only the
Faintest lights of morning.
The Dusk,
Only to trade places,
with its cousins the stars.
Both to be back soon.

©2010 Doria

Stephen Decatur Middle School
Berlin, MD
Grade Level: 7th


Everyday, it’s the same thing,
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back.
I want something different to come about.
I want the world to turn upside down!!

Day in, day out,
The same things come about.
It’s time for change,
It’s time to live!
It’s time to let the world know what?s coming about.

I’m tired of this,
I’m tired of this same daily routine,
Boring me ’till my death.
It’s time to let the world know,
It’s time for change!

So if you agree,
Join hands with me.
We will change the world.
We will make it happen!!

©2010 Ashley

Duval Middle School
Griffithsville, WV
Grade Level: 6th


If I were in charge of the world,
I’d cancel brussel sprouts,
brushing my hair when it has tangles,
snow on soccer days,
and also indoor recess.

If I were in charge of the world,
there’d be gum drop houses,
more flowers and less weeds,
cherry rivers,
and blueberry mountains.

If I were in charge of the world,
you wouldn’t have to make your bed,
ride the bus everyday,
clean up your room,
or make the coral look really far below.

©2010 Elsie

Journeys School of Teton Science Schools
City: Jackson, WY
Grade Level: K


I sit in her lap, enveloped by her gingerbread scent.
She smiles and laughs in her cheery voice, she
brightens up my day.
Almost all of my childhood, it’s always been that way.
She’s never bent a broken spirit, never harmed a fly.
Her open and warm love is as big as the neverending
She’s as beautiful as a royal dame.
Her inner beauty puts even the purest angel to shame.
Now she’s gone and out of my reach, never to return.

It’s hard to think of her and all of our memories
without having my eyes burn.
The moment she closed her eyes my childhood was gone.
Now, my life is like a sad, miserable song.

I don’t laugh anymore.
I don’t run or play.
I don’t have anything to smile about because the Lord
took my mother away.

©2010 Hayley

Liberty High School
Liberty, SC
Grade Level: 10th


Summer oh Summer
The hot sun and the flowers
Makes me drift away

©2010 Gabrielle

Manor Oaks School
New Hyde Park, NY
Grade Level: 4th

2 comments to April 2010

  • Jean Puckett

    GONE by Hayley in your April Poem of the Month is extraordinary! How can a young teen-age student even begin to express feelings so well on paper! Very creative, thoughtful, expressive, and sentimental, not to mention sad, which can’t help but touch your emotions and your inner being. But more importantly, it definitely shows an extraordinary gift of writing by this student! I hope someone will pick up on this poem and take it further. It should be published and shared through even more channels!
    Thanks for your innovative website.
    From a mother, grandmother, and interested reader. Keep up the good work for these talented and gifted students.

  • Hi it’s me, I am also visiting this site regularly, this website is truly
    good and the people are genuinely sharing nice thoughts.

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