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August 2012

Rosemary (my little sister)

A flower she is; in grace and composure.
She walks on her toes, her head up high.
Of beauty, she is a divine composer.
Just gaze into those bright hazel eyes.

Resplendent, she is deeply bewitching.
But more is hidden, behind her bright beam.
Her disposition’s gleeful, fair, uplifting!
Aglow like her eyes, it shines with a gleam.

The flowers gaze intently, as she promenades.
Eschewing their stares, she stays unspoken.
She’s delicate, yet stronger than a colonnade.
Like a wild horse, she cannot be broken.

© 2012 Evangeline E.
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Falls Church, VA
Grade 7

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  • Icis S.

    whoa, I really like this poem. It has great detail and much meaning. When I saw that A 7th grader wrote it I was amazed. I am a 7th grader who writes poems but, not that good. (:

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