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July 2012

We Mutts Be Together

How could I approach her, my most noble queen-
With a coat golden red and eyes maple green?
An exhale of her breath was a song to my ears,
To whom she wagged her tail -surely- was a heart full of cheer.

But my paws dry and cracked, my fur not well groomed,
She’d want nothing to do with a mutt I assumed.
I had only a stubble – a sad excuse for a tail;
I knew my next move was likely to fail.

But with a hint of hope and sudden surge of strength,
I trotted over to the one whom I adored.
Her eyes opened wide as I traveled this length,
And then came the moment I had been waiting for.

Her inner beauty shone out from her bright perky grin-
Two happy mutts we were and will be to the end.

© 2012 Michael B.
Fairmont Senior High School
Fairmont, WV
Grade 12

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