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July 2012

You and I

I see no sun, but it will rise
If you reach high you’ll touch the skies
It’s quite nice, each bird does fly
And so can we, you and I.

Hope is hiding, but not lost
Like a flower under winter frost
Remember that love has no cost
And neither do we, you and I.

Truth is very hard to see
Like a hiding, buzzing bee
When you find it you will see
And we will find it, you and I.

Life is like a puzzled mind.
Some things are very hard to find.
It may take time to find what’s right
For sometimes it hides out of sight

But through the troubles, lies, and deceit
Life is a game that we can beat
It may seem like it’s hard to try
But we can beat it, you and I.

© 2012 Evangeline E.
Mary Ellen Henderson Middle School
Falls Church, VA
Grade 7

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