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June 2012

The Hamburger

There once was a hamburger
As carefree as could be
He sat on the shelf
in the refrigerator, see.

But one day, he realized
He was taken off his spot
Being shaped and patted
And put on something hot.

It felt like the hottest flames
His insides were being cooked
But finally the fire ceased
And he sat up a bit and looked.

For the first time,
he finally saw outside.
He glanced around in marvel
It looked mighty fine.

Once again he was picked up
But this time onto a plate
And he thought and thought and thought and thought about his fate.

Was it to go to prom?
Where the Hamburgers dress in style?
Was it to be eaten?
That didn’t seem worthwhile.

Then he felt grains of salt
Puncture his delicate skin
Pepper got in his mouth
he sneezed and sneezed again.

He saw a gaping cave
It was humming a little song
Then GULP!!!
The hamburger was gone.

© 2012 Amber S.
Meadowlark Middle School
Clemmons, NC
Grade 6

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