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May 2010


As I was sitting outside
Watching the sun go down
I realize my life was passing by
So I started thinking:

If I don’t get my act together
There is no other reason
Why should I be here on Earth
Just wasting time.

I have things I need to be doing
With my life, I have goals to reach
I need to make something of myself
I just can’t be sitting here.

Wasting the time that I have on Earth
So I decided, that I was going to get
Off my butt and do something about it
Because I really can’t
waste any more time.

©2010 Melishia

Northeast High School
St.Petersburg, FL
Grade Level: 9th


The game had begun,
in the count of 3.
Rush of excitement,
flowing through my body.
I ran until I couldn’t,
a hand pushed me aside.
I fell,
deep into the grass.
A tear rolled down my face,
shimmering as it fell.

©2010 Kevin

New York City, NY
Grade Level: 5th


we dance a dance
that never ends -
hoping that the song will never end
but when it does
we keep on dancing-
we dance a dance with no words or movement-
but when we dance
we let our souls go free

©2010 Tyler

Traughber Middle
Oswego, IL
Grade Level: 8th


These old hands
were once those of a young boy
whose Papa took him for popsicles right after school.
These old hands
these wrinkled old hands,
chose orange every time.

These old hands
held the woman they’d loved
and took hers as a cheerful wife.
These old hands,
these very old hands,
slow danced on the big night.

These old hands
are fading quickly
with but my only son to say ‘Good-bye’ to.
These old lips,
are fed their last popsicle
and mutter their last prayers.

These old hands are lying motionless.

©2010 Sarah

Edgewood Middle School
Somerville, OH
Grade Level: 7th

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