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February 2012

Conversing with a Mosquito

How awful life must be for you.
How terribly, horribly unfair.
Do you hate me?
Yes, I suspected so…

I believe I met one of your relatives this very morning,
my mother slaughtered her without a second thought.

Yes, cruelty in it’s purest form.

I often wonder how life must be for you.
I understand you do not wish to be what you are.
I know it must be quite painful for you,
we have been selfish.
I apologize.

Then again,
what is my apology worth?
I can give you my condolences one minute,
then reduce another one of your kind into nothing but guts and blood on a tissue another.
It is dreadful.
Believe me,
I know.

I truly understand.

I honestly don’t approve of your peculiar eating habits,
but what choice do you have?
You’re forced to,
it’s your nature.

I honestly don’t appreciate our total annihilation project of your kind either though…
However we are forced to,
it’s OUR nature.

(c) 2012 Ryane L.
SCIS Hongqiao
Shanghai, China
Grade 6

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