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June 2010


A creative way of passing time
writing a poem line by line
the words keep on flowing
and the pen keeps on going
at this time i am having fun
but i don’t realize the paper has won
its power is taking control
capturing my mind as a whole
before I realize I cannot be stopped
the link between think and do is chopped
now the words just keep flowing
and the pen keeps on going
without any hope, i am stuck
the power of the paper has run amuck
now its control seems immortal
but its ideas are absolutely horrible
by creating himself it made its demise
without a mind it has no prize
without a mind it has no thought
what happens to a hand with writers block?

©2010 Patrick

Midlothian Middle School
Midlothian, VA
Grade Level: 7th


Look at that Hamburger
High in the Sky,
I do not know
How it can fly.

Pickles are falling
Mustard is too
Look at that ketchup
Falling on YOU!

©2010 Logan

Fairview Elementary
Fairview, NC
Grade Level: 2nd

2 comments to June 2010

  • Hello! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the great work!

  • Death, that thing of which we fear;
    As I feel you drawing near;
    Your loveless eyes containing beautiful nothingness;
    I rejoice in yourpainful pleasantness;
    Seconds of life left for me to live;
    No chance to sway you or make you give;
    Your dance to me with your ashen bones;
    Dressed only in rags of earthen tones;
    Cold embrace as you hold me close;
    This evil humor making me morose;
    Lift me up as my blood pours out;
    Fate has taken me without doubt;
    Your patchy hair grows thick and full;
    Human beings are just your tool;
    Life eternity for your cold work;
    Yet as I die I own a smirk;
    For as you take my life away;
    Curiousity eased has made my day;
    Though I’m doomed we’ll meet again;
    So I may atone for earthly sin;
    Your work so dreadful and full of pain;
    But through you we have knowledge to gain;
    Holding you close as I turn to dust;
    Feeding your insatiable lust;
    Death has filled you and made you strong;
    Yet I see it as humans who’ve done more wrong;
    Working endlessly to destroy us all;
    All our work you cause to fall;
    For arrogance and hatred fills our race;
    Thus we deserve your cold embrace;
    None should ask or have to answer why;
    And with these final thoughts…I die.

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