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September 2011

Teddy Bear blasted
off into space
to taste the cheesey moon .

But he forgot
to tie his shoe
and lost his fork and spoon.

(c) 2011 Ben

South Toe Elementary

Burnsville, . . . → Read More: September 2011

September 2011

Grandma’s yard was neatly kept

Flowers decked the lawn

And nothing quite stood out so grand

As Grandma’s world at dawn.

Beautiful flowers on the porch

The chairs in their place

She’d sit there in the breeze

To feel it touch her face.

Grandma’s house was neatly kept

Keepsakes stood here and there

Braided rugs adorned the floors

And pictures hung with care.

Crocheted doilies brightened tabletops

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September 2011

The Watchmaker

There’s a man standing atop of my head
but I do not know his name-
Some say it is god
some say it is fate
yet his answer remains the same-

He stands there all day
working away
to the sound of his world aflame-
Still he chisels and pounds
to this sort of hound
and it’s time that he gives away-

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July 2010


Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?
Do they all just float away
like woolen butterflies?
Or do they all just walk away?
If they get lost, do they cry?
Where do all the socks go?
Is there a sock drawer in the sky?

©2010 Hannah

Pleasant Hill Middle
Lexington, SC
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June 2010


A creative way of passing time
writing a poem line by line
the words keep on flowing
and the pen keeps on going
at this time i am having fun
but i don’t realize the paper has won
its power is taking control
capturing my mind as a whole
before I realize I cannot be stopped
the link between think and do is chopped
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April 2010


The Dawn,
Here with only the
Faintest lights of morning.
The Dusk,
Only to trade places,
with its cousins the stars.
Both to be back soon.

©2010 Doria

Stephen Decatur Middle School
Berlin, MD
Grade Level: 7th


Everyday, it’s the same thing,
Wake up, get ready, leave, come back.
I want something different to come about.
I want the world to turn upside down!!

Day in, day out,
The same . . . → Read More: April 2010