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October 2010

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is different to many people. Beauty is a mother giving birth, the stars at night, the clear blue sky, pearls that you hold in your hand. Everyone is beautiful inside and outside and everywhere in between. Beauty is all around us from the little things to the . . . → Read More: October 2010


Roll of thunder, hear my cry
Roll of thunder, hear my cry
as the fire burns by n by
Roll of thunder, hear my prayer
let it flow in the wind and end all despair
Roll of thunder, hear my voice
destroy sadness let us rejoice
Roll of thunder, heed my pain
please don’t let me go insane
Roll of thunder, take away the madness
please . . . → Read More: 9/2010

May 2010


As I was sitting outside
Watching the sun go down
I realize my life was passing by
So I started thinking:

If I don’t get my act together
There is no other reason
Why should I be here on Earth
Just wasting time.

I have things I need to be doing
With my life, I have goals to reach
I need to make something of myself
I . . . → Read More: May 2010