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October 2011

The Path of Solitude

At first only but a trickle, a growing wish to surge forward,
Its beauty isolated, within a mythical pasture
Floating by rolling hills
Bubbling and twisting through the fingers of prosperity,
Paradise is purity, paradise is clean
But paradise is not forever.

And so the river continues on,
Through the valleys and around the mountains,
Rough terrain becomes tame under . . . → Read More: October 2011

October 2011


Born of simple means,
His immigrant parents just making ends meet,
Forced to leave school and work odd jobs,
From Illinois he moves on.

After serving in the Spanish American War,
Admitted to college, free of charge;
Finally able to start learning again,
His thirst for writing renewed.

Meeting his true love at a political gathering,
Lilian changed his life from the start.
Quiet and . . . → Read More: October 2011

October 2011

In The Fall

In the fall you will see kites drifting through the air
like birds swaying back and forth
Children who are playing and jumping into
leaf piles like no tomorrow
In the fall

In the fall you will see bears and other creatures
getting ready to go into a sleep like a long night slumber
Animals who are picking up acorns and
burying . . . → Read More: October 2011

October 2011


Winter wind is in the air
Ice forms on the frozen pond
While snow falls gently down without even making a sound

Winter frost is in the air
Making faces on the windowpane
While spring and summer wait
for the earth to turn around again

(c) 2011 Alyssa
Brush Creek Elementary
Marshall, . . . → Read More: October 2011

APRIL 2011


Never say never don’t ever say never because if you ever say never you will never think ever again

©2011 Lauren

Lakeside Elementary School

Honesdale, PA

Grade Level: 5th


little black kitten eyes as sparkly as stars always cuddling with you
her name….. Midnight

©2011 Danielle

South Jefferson Elementary School

City: Charles Town, WV

Grade Level: 3rd

Stumbling Along

With forgotten flesh falling from slumped shoulders
The undead rule . . . → Read More: APRIL 2011

March 2011

What Am I Suppose To Be?
I flip through the pages
of magazines.
Looking at all the flawless
women and men.
Is that what I’m suppose to be?
Am I suppose to have a picture
perfect smile with sparkling
white teeth?
Am I suppose to be just like
that tall, skinny girl?
Am I suppose to dress like
People try to persuade me
into thinking that’s what
I need to . . . → Read More: March 2011



Wind, stars, sound, nature.
Fire, earth, water, air, nature.
Sounds of rain and birds and the wind
are all parts of nature.
The wind singing a song.
Nature, nature, nature, nature.
Grass and trees are
the instruments in the song.
A song screaming to get out to the world.
A world willing to hear.

©2011 Jarret
North Hill E.S.
Burlington, IA
Grade Level: 4th

Skies in the Corner of . . . → Read More: FEBRUARY 2011

January 2011


I walk through the halls
My head bent down low
Looking at cracks
And walking so slow

Dreading the moment
That ring will go off
Sending me forward
And making me run

My friends are laughing
I quickly join in
Knowing what’s waiting
Quietly fearing

I walk through the door
And look at the board
My heart skips a beat
My breathing quickens

It says plain as day
In that bold red font
Today . . . → Read More: January 2011



the rain trickles from the rain gutters,
making a sound that utters.
light it is and light it shall be,
it even soaked the old maple tree.
light or dark the clouds do as they will,
little holes in the road the rain fills.
pitter patter is the noise it makes,
the rain coats the children will take.
rainy days aren’t . . . → Read More: DECEMBER 2010


As I stare out my window, I wonder what I really see,
Not the wild night life of Vegas,
or the loud busy life of New York, surely not the hot windy deserts of Nevada.
What time of day is it,
for I know not, nor do I care.
Time is but a thing
a thing that changes us.
Age, . . . → Read More: NOVEMBER 2010