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April 2012


A faded black…
A place so deep…
The deepest black a place can be.

There is no place to go…
There is no place to see…
There is no place to be.

He who sleeps and dreams the dreamless dream,
Cannot find a place to deem.

Little thoughts depict their way through his head…
Little child, there is no need to dread.
He who sleeps and . . . → Read More: April 2012

April 2012

The Point of Poems

What’s the point of poems?
I mean, whose got the time
To think of all these random words
and somehow make them ryhme?

To write them down on paper,
And maybe have them read:
I can think of things much better,
Among them, being dead.

To sit all day and write away
Would just be such a bore!
I mean, just thinking about . . . → Read More: April 2012

April 2012

Pinnochio Parrot

There once was a parrot named Zeke.
Who had an extra large beak.

When he lies it grows,
From his head to his toes,

And now everyone calls him a freak!

(c) 2012 Hannah V.
W.D. Williams School
Asheville, . . . → Read More: April 2012

April 2012


I move
9th av
62 street
I live in 3rd floor
I look down
cars look little
I like it
But it smells bad
(c) 2012 Ivan Z.
PS 310
New York, New . . . → Read More: April 2012

March 2012

The Water Fetcher

Clutching my bucket I glance out my clay door.
Heading down the path,
rubble lashes open my bare toes.
I gaze at
Women being clouted by soldiers, like rag dolls.
Cripples counting their coins, and craving money.
I gag
at the sight of maggots masking their faces.
I can’t attend school.
Mother once told me,
the land was beautiful,
filled with riches.
Then the Taliban, . . . → Read More: March 2012

March 2012

On her shirt was
the word ‘peace’
all sparkly and pink
and ‘smile’ was written
on her hand
in purple ink

On her diary
in glittery sequins
was the word ‘dream’
but how can she
what these words mean

How can she
believe in peace
when her hatred
will never cease
and her amount of lies
only increase

How can she
give a real smile
When she bullys
a minute a mile
How can that make you . . . → Read More: March 2012

March 2012

The teacher is fat
He has a cat
The cat has a red and blue hat
On the red and blue hat there is a baseball bat
On the baseball bat there is a bat
On the bat there is a mat.

(c) 2012 Thijn E.
Hangzhou International School
Hangzhou, . . . → Read More: March 2012

February 2012

Conversing with a Mosquito

How awful life must be for you.
How terribly, horribly unfair.
Do you hate me?
Yes, I suspected so…

I believe I met one of your relatives this very morning,
my mother slaughtered her without a second thought.

Yes, cruelty in it’s purest form.

I often wonder how life must be for you.
I understand you do not wish to be . . . → Read More: February 2012

February 2012

Alana Angryhead’s Thoughts

Once, I Ghost of Alana Angryhead, went to the dreary world of humans,
On a gloomy and bloody Halloween day.

Was this a trick someone had played?
Because I unexpectedly landed in the place where the Ghostbusters lay.

The old bun frightened me and I . . . → Read More: February 2012

January 2012

Ghosts of smiles
On icy windows
Tiny clouds, huffs of air
Warm, stifled
Drip rainwater
On broken sidewalks
Tears of victims
Of loving
Too much.
Wrought iron fences
Capped with snow
Melts, and peels back
The coating.
We were bronze
All along
Hibernating under
Desperation-built igloos
Sleeping, with phantoms of sun
As our solitary blanket
We dreamed
Of frost-bitten lakes
Of the first crack in the ice
Drifting floes
Painted sunsets
Dripping sunrises
And awaken to
Frost bitten fingertips
Solaceless shadows
The lovers’ kiss
Of . . . → Read More: January 2012