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October 2013

Bullies Are Cowards

I smiled and you frowned at me
I reached out my hand and you held yours back
I chose to make peace and befriend you
But you chose instead to attack
You laughed, you mocked and ridiculed me
My very presence you despised
Without reason or cause you stared at me
With so much hatred in your eyes
You . . . → Read More: October 2013

October 2013

Can’t You See?

Can’t you see the flowers?
They’re bending out,
Reaching for our attention.

Can’t you see the clouds?
They’re putting on a show,
Aiming to make us smile and giggle like we’re young.

Can’t you see the trees?
They’re crying out,
Yearning for our love and compassion.

Can’t you see the birds?
They’re singing their song,
Letting all the emotions flood out like they can’t . . . → Read More: October 2013

October 2013

The five senses of five Waterfalls

As I walk through the falls
I hear a simple plop, drop
the sounds are so relaxing
I know wait for them to take me away

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September 2013


Everything you choose
You seem to lose
For your lies
As it reaches their lives

Do you enjoy the pain
That drives people insane

The lies
That makes burnt fries
And little girl cries

Does the bumpy ride
Satisfy your pride?

© 2013 Hanna S.
Ashe County High School
West Jefferson, . . . → Read More: September 2013

August 2013

Rolling river reckoning

Built into sand you run for thee
Despise the tide and bite the sea
Rolling river reckoning

Calls of men might sheath night
Smell saplings bubble with poison and rye
Cry out to them “till’ we meet our maker;”
Weed out the culprit, expose the faker!

Gold and fire from the sky
A lingering plea with no reply
Perpetual signs of demons’ . . . → Read More: August 2013

July 2013

Why Can’t You Be Mine?

This dream I had kept me up all night.
It involved a love so blind, only seen without sight.
A heart so worn to be locked by pain,
uprooted by pleasure without blood in my veins.

No one to love me, no one in sight to be seen,
Without sight of color, no way to be mean.
If . . . → Read More: July 2013

June 2013

A Dragon in My Wagon

Once there was a dragon
He lived in my wagon
I like to ride in my wagon
So does my dragon.
Wherever we will play
People will say
Why are you in a wagon
With that dragon?

© 2013 Emily G.
Willsboro Central School
Willsboro, . . . → Read More: June 2013

June 2013

I am thankful for the grass thankful for the tree I am thankful to everything i see like birds and wind sun and rain trees and apples and berries too .I see ants walking in 1 row with you with butterflies everywhere with cattapillars about wondering with leaves all about .The hot winds so hot i . . . → Read More: June 2013

June 2013

“San Francisco, the perfect spot for vacation”

Have you ever been on a two hour plane ride with your friends
Playing cards across the aisle with nobody there to stop you?
Have you ever spent a long, hot and humid, night at a hotel
Jumping on the bed and playing games, with nobody there to stop you?
Have you ever . . . → Read More: June 2013

June 2013

The all consuming fear
Creeping up from the darkest corners
Washing across every inch of your being
Pulsing through your veins
Punishing your heart
And why fear?
Because of the unknown?
Because of the past?
Or is it perhaps because we know not trust
Is it because we have been wounded?
Has our innocence been robbed of our person?
No it is all but life as the . . . → Read More: June 2013