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Dazzling Digital Production
with Sizzling Sound Effects

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Samples are now available in both high-res and low-res MP3 formats. You can download free MP3 players from MP3.com
(If your browser tries to display the MP3 file instead of opening an MP3 player, try right-clicking on the link and saving it to your hard drive.)

Act 1:

Paul Revere's Ride
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Hi-Res / Low-Res

by Lewis Carrol
Hi-Res / Low-Res

The Cremation of Sam McGee
by Robert Service
Hi-Res / Low-Res

Act 2:

The Charge of the Light Brigade
by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Hi-Res / Low-Res

The Highwayman
by Alfred Noyes
Hi-Res / Low-Res

Casey at the Bat
by Ernest Lawrence Thayer
Hi-Res / Low-Res