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Allan Wolf

Allan Wolf received a MA in English from Virginia Tech, and taught at Virginia Tech before coming to Poetry Alive! Allan then became the educational director of Poetry Alive! and coordinated Poetry Alive!'s national residency program from 1990-2003. With over 1,000 poems learned "by heart," Allan is an educator, poet, actor, and musician, who has presented performances and workshops across the country. He has written two of Poetry Alive!'s educational books, Something Is Going to Happen: Poem Performance for the Classroom and It's Showtime: Poetry from the Page to the Stage.

Now, Allan is proud to add "children's author" to his list of accomplishments. Look for his first book of children's poetry The Blood-Hungry Spleen and Other Poems About Our Parts from Candlewick Press in stores August 17, 2003. Some of Allan's poems, My Very Own Bed and Step Outside, What do You See?, have already been tested in front of students across the country in Poetry Alive! shows. This new collection of poetry about the body is sure to educate and entertain children and adults. In the works, Allan has a young adult poetic novel "New Found Land" available from Candlewick Press in September 2004 about Lewis and Clark's expedition. For more information visit the Allan Wolf website.

When Allan isn't writing and performing for students, he and his wife are busy raising three amazing kids of their own.

An exhilarating new novel told in multiple voices marks the bicentennial of Lewis and Clark's epic journey.

I mean to tell you this story the only way I know how. That is to say, I will tell it like a river. It may meander here and there, but in the end it will always find its way to the sea.

Two hundred years ago, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark launched their wooden boats up the Missouri River in search of the illusory Northwest Passage, a journey that would capture the American imagination and help forge a young nation's identity. Now, in a riveting debut novel, Allan Wolf tells the story of this extraordinary voyage through the eyes of not only the famed pair but also several members of their self-named Corps of Discovery. Here, in powerful, lyrical language, is a medley of voices from a surprisingly diverse crew -- from the one-eyed French Indian fiddler who pilots the boats to Clark's African American slave; from the young Shoshone woman who has a baby en route to Lewis's Newfoundland dog, a "seer" whose narrative resonates long after the book is closed.

Follow Lewis and Clark and their crew on a perilous trek through the
uncharted West in this extraordinary debut novel.

  New Found Land ($18.99 ea)

Science class will never be the same!

To the left of your stomach, a deep violet-red,
a filter's at work filling blood cells with dread:
The red blood cell graveyard! It's not Halloween.
I'm talking about that blood basher, the spleen.

Have you ever wondered just exactly what some of your body parts do? How many times a year your heart beats? How big your small intestines are? And, equally noteworthy, which of your muscles looks most like a slug? Certain to appeal to elementary-school children, this unique and humorous book uses poetry to explore the amazing workings of our bodies. With great verve and enthusiasm--and plenty of outrageous illustrations--Allan Wolf and Greg Clarke tickle the funny bone in these thirty-four poems while answering some of those deep anatomical questions.

Ears have drums (but don't play them), knees wear caps (even in church), and a boneless boy turns into a human puddle in this book of wacky--and anatomically accurate--poems about our body parts.

  Blood Hungry Spleen ($17.99 ea)

Step Outside. What Do You See?

Step outside. What do you see?
A bird.
A bug.
A bumble-bee.
A leaf.
A breeze.
A budding tree.
A mist upon the sea.
Step outside. See what's in store!
A cloud.
A shell.
A sandy shore.
A kitten purr.
A lion roar.
Just step outside your door.
Step outside. The weather's fine.
A rock. A stick. A tall green pine.
A swinging jungle monkey vine.
Let's go out,
rain or shine.
Step outside. What do you see?
A grand adventure. And it's free!
A world of fun and fantasy
outside for us to see.

Copyright ©2003 by Allan Wolf